Smart TV with Raspberry Pi

My Raspi has been stayed next to my TV for months and got stranded all over again. It used the first OS of Raspi in wich the omxplayer installed to play multimedia files. I just created the bash script to run all the multimedia files easily.

Unluckily, it could not detect my external hardisk anymore when I’d like to play the m4v file. My Samsung TV can’t play the file as well, apparently. So, I wiped all the Raspy OS and changed it into XBMC. In fact, I tried the XBMC back then but it did not perform well. It was horrific, honestly.

As the time going, the XBMC got the popularity. I checked Youtube to see how is its performance today. The video compares two XBMCs and concludes that the openelec XBMC outperformed another. So I go for it.

The installation is very easy. It only consumed no more than five minutes to set up. What you have to do is download the OS and burn it into an SD Card. Mine is only 2GB. Afterwards, install the SD Card firmly into the slot in your Raspi. Turn the power on to continue the process.

The Raspi will automatically set up the program then it will restart by itself to complete the setting. This is it! In no time, you already have a Smart TV. However, it is not the final form of the XBMC Raspi.

In order to build the real Smart TV, you need to plug the network or wireless network. I use wifi dongle. I tether my Android phone to broadcast the WiFi signal. I connect the Raspi as well as my iPad to the WiFi. iPad is used as a remote control. You have to install the free XBMC app from AppStore. Then set the IP address along with its access name and password to connect between iPad and Raspi. You can use other gadgets based on Android, iOS or Windows Phone system as a remote control.

Is it the final form? Not yet!

The XBMC has transformed in to the flawless OS. You can install add-ons to enrich the contents. I already installed Youtube, TED and many more add-ons to be watched streamingly.

That is the final form!

I just hope that my Raspi would not be stranded anymore. Amiin!


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